The ernest bell library


The Ernest Bell Library’s primary objectives are to: -


Collect all of Ernest Bell’s book & non-book works and make them easily accessible to everyone.

Collect the literature of vegetarianism and all the other humanitarian movements in which Ernest Bell was so deeply involved.

Assist students and scholars in their research.

Introduce all aspects of Ernest Bell’s life, including his writings, campaign work, influences and his circle of friends.

Undertake our own research into missing aspects of Ernest Bell’s life and work.

We already have more than 300 pieces of Ernest Bell’s own writings.

We are also actively building a collection of examples of promotional material, campaign material, fundraising & marketing activities etc. – related to: -

  • veg(etari)an products.
  • veg(etari)an books & other publications.
  • veg(etari)an organisations.
  • veg(etari)an businesses.
  • animal rights organisations.
  • animal rights publications.
  • humanitarian organisations.
  • humanitarian publications.
  • rambling clubs run by members of the above groups & related publications.
  • the work of Richard St. Barbe Baker & the ‘Men of the Trees’ organization & its many sub-branches.

There are currently more than 2,000 items in the Ernest Bell Library.

We will complete the cataloging of the collection as & when adequate funds are available.

It is long past time for the library to go online!

“I have little doubt that the proposal for the establishment of an Ernest Bell Library,
which would specialize in humanitarian and progressive literature,
and so form a sort of centre for students, will meet with a wide response.”

                                                                      Henry S. Salt – writing in September 1934